Friday, January 6, 2012

Follow Friday -- Jackie Pynaert Garlick

Now, this is a writer to follow.  Jackie Pynaert Garlick has a literary style, full of fabulous metaphors and sensory almost-overload.  She writes books that are close to her heart, that make me wonder and cry -- just by listening to her speak about them.

I can't wait for the rest of the world to see them.

Let me amend that, I can't wait to see them myself.  Because I've seen snippets, but never read the full deal (though I'm waiting to beta read her most recent).

I know Jackie through a round-about route -- SCBWI, the Nevada Mentorship Program, Bret Ballou and Veronica Rossi.  We've shared a room at national conferences, shared more than one meal and several confidences.  She sat beside me while I made a fool of myself rocking out to Billie Joe Armstrong during the Broadway stage production of American Idiot.  I feel very lucky to count her as a friend.

Now, not only is Jackie a great friend and a brilliant writer, she's planner and coordinator for one of the most intriguing children's literature conferences in North America.  The Niagara SCBWI conference is small, intimate, and pulls in some of the biggest names in the industry (this year: Tracey Adams and Nancy Conescu).

And she's Canadian, eh?

Best of all, I get to see Jackie tomorrow at Veronica Rossi's book launch.

You can read Jackie's blog.
You can follow her on Twitter.
But it's best to get to know her personally.  I'll introduce you sometime.


  1. Wow. Just landed to find this in my in box. Thank you! Honored! Blushing! And can't wait together! Tomorrow! Squeals!!!

  2. Ack! Every time I turn around there's another reason why I want to go to Veronica's book launch!