Friday, February 15, 2013

A Tale of Three Covers

My Tudor series has had a makeover.  Many of you saw that the fabulous Fallon Prinzivalli over at MTV's Hollywood Crush agreed to reveal the new cover of TARNISH, and said some lovely things about it, too.

GILT also got a revamp.  And there have been some interesting reactions to it.  Personally, I love looking at book covers.  I love the mood they set, the way they feel, what they suggest about what's inside.  It seems like most readers feel the same way--but not the same way about each cover.

As an author, it's interesting to hear what people say about the covers of my books.  It's one of the things that I have absolutely no control over.  And I find it fascinating what images come up in other people's minds when they read what I've written.  So getting several different cover treatments has been very eye-opening.  And kind of like Christmas on a regular basis.  Oooh!  A new cover!  Shiny!

The designers at Penguin are such a creative team, and I think each GILT cover has had a very distinct feel.  I think each of them beg to be picked up for a different reason.

This is the image on the hardcover that many of you are already familiar with.  I have always loved how different it is from just about every other YA novel out there.  I adore the font and am still looking for the perfect match to the lipstick.

This is the original paperback design and I hate to tell you it will never be printed.  Again, the gorgeous font, the lush imagery.  Though some were worried it might be a bit too suggestive for teen readers (or their parents!)

So my publisher decided on a redesign for both books.  No models.  No sexytimes.  But still elegant, luxurious and something that I, personally, would pick up in an instant.
What do you think?

The paperback of GILT will be released May 7.