Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Five -- Kami Kinard

Today's interview is with the author of THE BOY PROJECT, published this year by Scholastic.  Kami Kinard has been writing all of her life (just check out the bio on her website!) but is also a teaching artist, which I think is just as cool as it sounds.  


1.  What single thing would improve the quality of your life? 

A cure for childhood illnesses.

2.  What is your guiltiest pleasure?  

The Chocolate Tree. Beaufort, SC.

3.  What do you consider your greatest achievement? 

A lot of moms probably say this, but I’d have to say my children. There is nothing else I’ve given up more for, and nothing else I love more.

4.  Who would play you in the film of your life? 

Meryl Streep. She can play anyone.

5.  Who are your real-life heroes? 

People who are willing to give back – to share. I admire people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, who have acquired so much, but want to, and are willing to, share their assets and good fortune. I also admire people who give back in other ways. Good teachers are among my greatest heroes, as are caring physicians who use their brilliance to help others.


For anyone who's ever felt that boys were a different species.... 

Wildly creative seventh grader, Kara McAllister, just had her best idea yet. She's going to take notes on all of the boys in her grade (and a few elsewhere) in order to answer a seemingly simple question: How can she get a boyfriend? 

But Kara's project turns out to be a lot more complicated than she imagined. Soon there are secrets, lies, and an embarrassing incident in the boy's bathroom. Plus, Kara has to deal with mean girls, her slightly spacey BFF, and some surprising uses for duct tape. Still, if Kara's research leads her to the right boy, everything may just be worth it... 

You can order THE BOY PROJECT here!


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