Friday, March 28, 2014


One of the more terrifying steps on this publishing journey has been, for me, having other writers read my work.  I think most of us want our work to be appreciated--even valued--by our peers, so when any other writer (published or unpublished) writes or tweets me that they like one of my books, I get this special glow that can last for days.  But asking someone to read--with a mind to blurb--my books is as much of a cliff jump as querying agents and submitting to editors were.

I'm not sure why.  I am honored--thrilled--to be asked to blurb a book, and I've just been devastated the times I had to refuse for whatever reason.  And so far 99.99% of all the authors I've ever met have been enthusiastic, thoughtful, considerate and encouraging.  So why am I afraid to reach out to them?

Because I'm asking them to put their credibility on the line, as well.  I'm asking them to put their faith in me, and to put their readers' with in me, too.  That's a huge thing to ask.  And a privilege to receive.

So it is with great joy (and even greater gratitude) that I can announce that BRAZEN has received these responses from two of my absolute favorite authors.

Donna Cooner, author of SKINNY and the upcoming CAN'T LOOK AWAY has this to say:

"Longshore has written an exquisite story of falling in love for the first time amidst the chaos of Henry VIII’s court.  BRAZEN will captivate readers with history and heart."

And Robin LaFevers, author of GRAVE MERCY, DARK TRIUMPH and the upcoming MORTAL HEART, said:

"BRAZEN is historical fiction at its best--crisp and elegantly written while delivering a powerful emotional punch. I adored this book and readers cannot help but be pulled into Mary Howard's world and feel the web of the Tudor court's conflicting loyalties tighten around her as she struggles to have some control over her own life. Her ultimate triumph is palpable and had me cheering in my seat! A must read for fans of historical fiction or anyone who has ever struggled to find the courage to defy others' expectation or society's conventions."

It's enough to make an author swoon. :)

Stay tuned the week of April 7th for a chance to win an advance reader copy of BRAZEN for yourself!