Monday, January 2, 2012

Confessions (and a Challenge)

I don't do resolutions -- at least I try not to.  Number one, they make me feel guilty.  And I can generally find enough stuff to feel guilty about without adding more.  Number two, any day is a good day to change behaviour and bad habits -- not just the first of the year.  Or so I keep telling myself.

So instead of my resolutions, I'm going to share with you two confessions.  And offer a challenge.  Ready?

Confession # 1.  I read NEVER EIGHTEEN by my 2k12 Classmate, Megan Bostic, a long time ago.  As soon as it appeared on Net Galley, I sent in a request.  I love contemporary YA (I know, crazy, because I write historical stuff) and this book had all the elements -- love, fear, friendship, tragedy.  There's nothing I like better than being so moved by a novel that I cry.  Not only this, but it's set in the Pacific Northwest, an area I haunted on and off for a year in my 20's, and still feel an enormous connection with.  Reading the book was like revisiting my youth.  The confession part is, that I haven't said a word about it until now.  Mostly because if I'd blogged about it back in May, it wouldn't have that much impact.  However, now the book will be out in two weeks (January 17).  And I'm hoping it will make a huge impact.

You see, it's the story of a boy, Austin Parker, who is doing what he can to change the lives of the people he loves.  He can't do much -- he doesn't have time.  But he does what he can.  He reaches out.  And sometimes, this is the most any of us can do.

Which brings us to Confession #2.  Until this past holiday season, I hadn't sent Christmas cards in nine years.  Nine years.  I have friends in many diverse places.  And, unfortunately, I've lost touch with many of them (not everyone can be found on Facebook).  But I want to be in contact with them.  So this past year, I had to try.  Thanks to Megan and Austin Parker.

It's hard to reach out into the void, not knowing if you're going to connect.  I knew I'd lost some people forever.  People move.  And move on.  I've already got one letter back -- Return to Sender.  But I also received a very sweet e-mail from an address in England telling me that the people I sent the letter to had moved.  That letter may never have been returned, and it felt good knowing that someone had the decency to let me know that I had it wrong.  So I could start another search.

Megan has kindly allowed me to participate in her Project Pass It On.  Not only is this a way to get the word out on her book, it's also a way to encourage readers to connect with others.  Check out the web page.  It's wonderful.  And think of ways you can connect.

Now I just need to find the perfect place to pass my copy on.

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  1. I have an idea who you can pass your copy on to...I never bend spines. Then I'll pass it on to someone else, good as new....