Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Important Things

I've been learning a lot of important life lessons these past two weeks.  And I tell you, the big stuff really shows you what the small stuff is.  They aren't lessons that I wanted to learn.  They are, probably, lessons I needed to learn - everyone does - but that doesn't mean the timing is welcome.  But it has really made me review my perspective and my priorities.

What's important?  Family.  Health.  Love.  Courage.  Comfort.  Kindness.

And to me, writing a good book is important, too.  Probably not up there with the stuff I listed above.  But still a huge part of me.  I'm about to finish revisions on Book 2.  And I am about to take myself to place where I can do that without distractions.  This means setting aside some of the really important stuff for a few days - family, especially.  And that's hard.  But I'm lucky to have a family who support that, and who wouldn't want me to stick around and sacrifice a good book for their sake.

That's one of the reasons family is so important.

So think about it.  Think about it hard.  Imagine life is dealing out lessons to you - some of the hardest ones you'll ever learn.

What's important to you?


  1. For me, it's not so much about family (though they are important) as friends. You choose your friends, not your family. Although, were I feeling more romantic, I would say that friends are your heart's family. Where would I be without my kindred spirits?

  2. Absolutely, Christina! In fact, I always include my friends when I talk about family. They are so much a part of my "family" that it never occurs to me to make the distinction. Thank you for making that point!