Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Five -- Tudor Edition

1.  My favorite Tudor historical fiction:  WOLF HALL by Hilary Mantel.  The book is brilliant, Ms. Mantel is brilliant, and her version of Thomas Cromwell makes him sympathetic and even likable.  I'm both thrilled and terrified that the sequel, BRING UP THE BODIES, will be published a week after GILT.  And disappointed because I won't let myself read it until after I've finished the Royal Circle series -- her characters are so strong and well-drawn, I don't want them to bleed into mine (pun intended).  There is also a BBC drama planned.  Be still my beating heart.

2.  My favorite Tudor non-fiction.  This has got to be a tie between David Starkey's SIX WIVES and Alison Weir's HENRY VIII: THE KING AND HIS COURT.

3.  My favorite Tudor film or television show.  A Man for All Seasons.  Never been a big fan of Thomas More, but the film is brilliant.

4.  My favorite Tudor wife.  Sorry, can't answer that one.  I have great compassion for Anne of Cleves, love Anne Boleyn's vivacity, Catherine of Aragon's strength, Catherine Parr's intelligence.  I wrote a novel about Catherine Howard and wonder how Jane Seymour feels, laid to rest with Henry for all eternity.

5.  Favorite Tudor.  Leaving the realm of the family itself, as well as Henrician times, I'm going to choose Bess of Hardwick.  A tough, intelligent woman who rose from nowhere to become the second-richest woman in the realm (after Elizabeth).  Not an easy thing to do.  My hat goes off to her.

So, what are some of your Tudor favorites?

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  1. I think my knowledge of the Tudors could fill an egg-cup. I've only read one book on the Tudors (a fantastic historical YA called GILT), so that is definitely my favorite.

    (If you want, feel free to edit this comment to read "I've read...a fantastic historical YA called GILT...definitely my favorite." Because that works, too.)