Wednesday, February 15, 2012


In exactly three months, GILT will be on bookstore shelves, ready to face the world.  I think I'm similar to all writers in feeling that this is a dream come true.  An event similar to a birth or a wedding.

Which calls for a party.

I love parties.  I spent nine months planning my own wedding -- not because I was bridezilla, but because I couldn't wait to celebrate with my husband, my family, and my friends.  I feel the same way with this launch.

The problem is, I haven't been to many launch parties.  In fact, I can count them on one finger.  So I'm  not entirely sure what to expect, what's expected of me, or what to plan.  I'm full of questions:

Do I have it on a weeknight?  A weekend afternoon?
Do I serve food?  Nibbles?  Cake?
Should I provide wine?  Sparkling cider?   Both?
Do I want to do a reading?  Give a speech?
Do I have door prizes?  Gift baskets?  Tons of swag?
Should my party have a theme?  Should I wear a costume? (please say no.)
Should we have decorations?
Do I have an after party?
Do I provide food there?  Themed food?  Open bar?
Invitations!  E-vites? Postcards?  Do I send them to local schools and libraries?

As you can see, I need your help.  Yes, yours.  Give me tips and anecdotes!  Ideas from launches you've attended or planned.  If you were me, what would your dream launch party look like?


  1. Definitely have it on a weekend afternoon, particularly a Saturday because more people can come! Where will it be, like state? If its close enough to Baltimore, I'd love to drive to it!
    Don't go all out on food. Something simple. Cupcakes are always fun! And just some water, maybe.
    Reading a portion of your book aloud is always fun for readers to hear!
    Door prizes or swag are cool, but don't break your back doing it...we'll be there to see YOU and to get our copies signed.
    You don't need a theme or costume, but since it IS a Tudor book...
    Decorations aren't really necessary. And if you have an after party, it would be great for just you, your family, and friends to celebrate the big day (that's where you can break out the wine!). :)

    Just my (hopefully) helpful two cents!

    1. Thank you, Amber! Very helpful two cents. I love that you're encouraging me to simplify -- I often need to be reminded of that. And I love cupcakes!

      Unfortunately, I'm afraid it's a little more than an afternoon's drive to California, but I hope to get to meet you at some future event!

  2. You crack me up - you can count them on one finger. Ha! Definitely no on the costume, although it would be cool if you dressed up in a Tudor-era gown. Yes, do a reading, and yes, serve nibbles. As for the rest, I'm as clueless as you are! Maybe more clueless, because I can count launch parties I've attended on an invisible finger. (It's like an imaginary number, a mathematical concept I could never wrap my brain around.)

    1. Are imaginary fingers like imaginary friends?

      Thanks for the advice, Beth, and I hope you can make it to this launch party! (though I know babies don't always time their arrivals for such things...)

    2. Ha. I meant imaginary numbers. Revision brain.

  3. Oh yes, Cali is a bit far. Why hasn't teleportation been invented yet?! Anyway, I'm glad to help. Also, make sure a friend takes a lot of pics and posts them after so we can see! :) Hopefully I'll see you on the East Coast sometime!

  4. Katy, I'm going through the same thing. I have a date, time and location, but I have no idea what to actually do at the launch! I'm not thrilled about the idea of a reading, so I'm thinking of putting together a scavenger hunt of things significant to characters in my book with page numbers and then raffling away those items as prizes. Fun? Lame? I have no idea. Amber and Beth have some good tips. I'm going to a launch this weekend, so I'll be taking notes!

    1. I think a scavenger hunt sounds like fun, Eve! And it will give people something to do while they wait in that HUGE line for you to sign their books...Wish I could be there!

  5. Oooh, I'm really looking forward to your book too, Eve. Where will your launch be?

    1. Amber, thanks for your enthusiasm! Here's a link to my Events page that has the bookstore and launch info. Not sure where you are, but it would be great to meet you!

  6. Thanks Eve! I'm in Baltimore. I will check out the link. :)