Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Five -- Facts About Me and Books

Five facts about me:

1.  My parents are both geologists.  I spent a considerable amount of time as a child looking at road cuts.  And I still, on car trips, can look up and exclaim, “Look at the stratification in that.”

2.  When I was ten, I wanted to go to law school and then become President.  My fifth grade teacher set up a “learn about the law” program in which kids could take “the bar”, become lawyers, and then hold mock trials.  We had one.  I was prosecuting attorney.  But during recess, when the trial was over, I saw the accused (who had been found guilty) crying in the classroom.  And my dream of being a lawyer died right there. 

3.  My sister and I shared a room for years.  At night, when we were supposed to be asleep, she read aloud THE HOBBIT and the entire LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy.  I still can’t disassociate the stories from the sound of her voice.

4.  I studied ballet for two weeks when I was eight.

5.  The thing that frightened me most as a child was a nightmare I had in which a pretty little yellow bird turned into a monster.  The thing that frightens me most now?  Well, I’m not saying…


  1. Katy, that is too funny about your dream of becoming a lawyer. I'd be the exact same way. And there is some serious symbolism going on in that "yellow bird turned monster" nightmare. My worst childhood recurring nightmare was about this guy in a black bodysuit who could climb walls like Spiderman, and he'd try to get at me through the walls of a glass library. Hmm....

  2. I'm a little afraid of the guy in the black bodysuit, Eve! I wonder about the symbolism of the library, though...

  3. Hee hee, "Look at the stratification in THAT." I have no clue what it means, exactly, but it's funny anyway.